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 Little puffs of Cumulus are drifting past today
  Id like to go and fly with them, if I could have my way.
 Their ice-cream tops delight me, as do their bases grey,
  Their bubbling mirth invites me, I want to go and play.

 In a long winged sailplane, in thermal we could rise
  Right up their bases, where the eagle flies.
 Swinging round in quiet peace - no engine noise is heard.
  Floating free beneath the clouds, free as any bird.

 Maybe with an engine, wed climb up straight and true
  And burst right through those ice-cream tops into a world of blue
 And romp through snowy valleys with wingtips in the wall
  Bounce the little eddies and watch the showers fall.

 Oh! Look at that bright rainbow over to the East!
  It does not even touch the ground, not in the very least!
 It is completely circular, a multi coloured ball,
  A roundel of Gods glory - a vision to enthral.

 It doesnt really matter what takes me to the sky
  The only thing that I require is that it can fly
 So I can join my Eagle friends, formate on Ibis too
  And go and play with Cumulus, away up in the blue.

 Whenever I go flying, alone or with a friend,
  And pause and look about horizons with no end,
 The planet turns beneath me, my hand can hold it still,
  I never tire of flying - and - I never will.

David Henry                     10/4/98.

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