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John S Conroy, Sr. was a self-made man who evolved from being a crane driver to successfully owning and operating a popular corner bar at 200 E. Broad St. in Burlington, N.J. He accomplished this by purchasing a small hotel for his growing family (who lived on the second floor of the hotel) This bar later became a drug store during the years of prohibition, and James Conroy, his son, was the pharmacist who filled the prescriptions for the majority of the families in Burlington, and his other son, John S Conroy Jr. was a prominent and popular family doctor in the community who delivered the majority of the children born in that time period.

John Sr. also owned a working farm in Glouscester, N.J. and also owned many rental properties in Burlington City. He was a very proud, persevering man and a successful leader and task master who inspired his children.

John Sr. and Elizabeth had 11 children, (several died before the age of 2 from diptheria.) I recall my mother's stories of the older boy's antics when they were growing up and remembering them always makes me smile.

Elizabeth was a devoted and loving mother who worked ceaselessly to take care of her family's needs. She enjoyed needlework, especially tatting, and was an excellent cook who excelled at canning and making homemade jams and jellies for her family. In her later life, Emma Jones became their live-in housekeeper and cook, and remained with the family until it was necessary for her to go to a nursing home, when she became too ill to live at home.

John S Conroy, Jr.(deceased) was the oldest he had 3 children, Robert, (Deceased) who had 3 children (sorry, no information about his children)

Lois Conroy, Deceased, (no children)

John S. Conroy 111,( deceased) who had one son,

John S. Conroy IV of Rancocas, NJ, and who has 2 children, Megan and Alex, at home ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

James Conroy (deceased) had one daughter

Janet Conroy Maier(deceased) who had 3 boys, Douglas, (deceased),

Robert, of Monaca, PA, no children

Clark, of Lorton, VA. who has 2 children, Margo Kimberly Maier (age 14) Raleigh Louis Maier (age 12).


William Conroy (Deceased) had 2 children

William, Jr.(killed in world war 11), and

Gloria Conroy Marx of Aiken, SC who has four children,

William, who lives in Rhode Island, Marilyn Marx Kogan, who lives in South Carolina, and Christine Marx Hampton, who lives in Tennessee, and Brian, who lives in Maryland. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Frank Conroy (Deceased) had two children. Kathryn Conroy Dennion, who lives in Burlington, NJ

and has two children. James Dennion of Mt. Holly NJ Gerald of Trenton NJ.

Connie Conroy Kramer(Deceased) had eight children,
Kathryn Kramer Neilson (William) have two children; Casey Neilson Spaudling (Kyle) and William Jr. All the Neilson live in Metaire, LA.

Paul R. Kramer Jr (Jackie) have three children; Samantha, Chrissy and Brian and live in Stroudsburg, PA.

Carol Kramer Zangaro has three children; Kief, Katie and Joseph and live in San Diego, CA.

Francis Joseph Kramer (Sharon) have no children and live in Hamilton, NJ.

Samuel George Kramer (Betsy) have one child, Ryan and they live in Florence, NJ.

Constance Kramer Walker (Douglas) have three children, Douglas, Benjamin and Erin Marie and all live in Columbus (Mansfield Twp), NJ.

David Peter Kramer (Judy) have four children, Riley, Allison, Lauren and David Peter Jr. (PJ). David is a Lt. Col in the USMC and they temporarily reside in Tampa, FL.

Brian Joseph Kramer and his lovely wife Tricia. They have three children; Elizabeth, Maggie and JAK and they live in North Carolina.


Helen Conroy Hoover (Deceased) had three children.

Elizabeth "Beebe" Hoover-Cherubini (deceased) had three children.

Lee(Donna) of Delran NJ who has 3 sons, Scott, Jeff, and James, and two daughters, Nora, and Amelia.

Judy Cherubini, of Port St. Lucie, Fl

Renee Cherubini Cugliotta(Joseph) of Southampton, N.J, who has Four children, Jesse(to be married in June) Kelly, Lauren, and Christopher, at home.

Howard A Hoover,Jr.,(Deceased) had four children. Chris Hoover Moore of Orlando, Fl, who has two children, Katie(21) Kevin(15) at home.

James Hoover(Sharon) of Lancaster, Pa, who has four children, Michael Hoover(26)Melissa (24)(engaged to Marc Russell), Matthew (21) Mark (16)at home.

Thomas Hoover(Peggy) of Voorhees, NJ who has two children Nicholas (15)and Lindsey (10)at home.

Kathy Hoover Silo(Kevin)of Wallingford, CT who has two children Tommy (16) and Danny (14) at home

Claire Hoover-Kelly(Leo) Lives in Westhampton, NJ has seven children,

Kathy Kelly Devlin (John) of Mt. Laurel NJ

Michelle Kelly Murray(Dennis)of Weshampton NJ

Beth Kelly Kennedy (Joseph) of Brighton, MA,

Leo Kelly of Burlington NJ

Jacqueline Kelly Couch (Kevin) of Cinnaminson NJ who has two children, Aiden and Sean, at home.

Teresa Kelly Terzano (Gene) of Mt. Laurel NJ who has one child, Michael, at home.

Nancy Kelly Cordisco (Mike) Of New Hope PA


Mae Conroy Cashin(deceased) had one daughter, (also named Mae Cashin) who was legally adopted by Elizabeth and John after May's death several days after childbirth)

Mae Cashin Hornor (deceased) had two sons.

John M.Hornor(Engaged To Judy McGinley) of New Egypt, NJ, has three sons Brian(Tarra) of Manchester NH

Jeff Hornor (Sylvie)of Auburn NH, who has one daughter, Aubre at home

John Jr. of Marlton NJ

and one daughter, Shannon Hornor Zimmerely(Tom) of Virginia Beach VA

David Hornor(Barbara) of Scottsdale, AZ who has two children, Derek and Aubrey, also of Arizona ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

A. Marian Conroy Lawber(deceased) had two daughters,

M. Joyce Lawber Moller (Jim) and Judith Anne Lawber Labriola

M. Joyce Moller(Jim) of North Brunswick, NJ has two daughters:

Christine Grady of East Brunswick, NJ, who has one daughter, Gillian Blewett at home, and

Andrea Green of Plainlfield NJ, who has two sons Hans Lindsey of Fort Lauderdale, FL and Joseph Roseberry of Bakersfield, CA

Judith A. Labriola has three children:

David Willey(Karen) of Hummelstown, PA who has two daughters, Alexis and Genna, at home.

Michele Crow(Harold) of Harrisburg, PA who has two children, Brent Crow, of San Diego, CA, and Chantele Crow, at home.

Linda Mummau of Oviedo, FL, has one son, Jordan Labriola, at home.