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About Cindy D'Amo...

Cynthia D'Adamo, or, as her online friends know her, "Gypsy", originally hails from Baltimore, Maryland. While being educated at Villa Julie College in Business Administration, she discovered her love of poetry and writing. She is currently married, with two sons, and lives in Bowmansdale, Pennsylvania.

Cindy has been involved with various poetry groups; currently she co-runs 'Liquid Poetry' and 'The Poetry Planet', and heads a poetry workshoppe on the 'Poetry Lovers' writing group. She has won several writing awards at 'Axis', 'Poetry Universe', 'Poet's Asylum', and 'Communion'. Her publications are numerous, including various anthologies and magazines. Some of her works can be found in Poetry Magazine, Wired Heart, Coffee Shop Times, and Artistic Intent, where she won 'Poem Of The Year' in both 1998 and 1999. Currently, Cindy is working on a collection of short stories, entitled, 'Perambulating The Parsnip Sisters', a young-adult series.

Some of Cindy's interests, other than writing, include webmastering, gardening, travel, Victoriana, photography, music, crafts, and decorating. Self-taught at HTML, Cindy runs her own website, 'Gypsy's Velvet Underground', and welcomes all visitors.

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