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About Elizabeth "Beebe" Cherubini

Renee remembers her mother for her love of her family, her grandchildren and her pets, (especially Schultzi and Otto) She also remembers her love of vacations spent on Long Beach Island, talk radio shows, her daily soap operas, painting, and her retirement to Port St. Lucie with her dad (Frit)

Judy Labriola's special memories! Beebe was a very special cousin who taught me how to sew when I was 10 by attending her lessons at the Singer Center in Bristol, Pa. I remember so well taking the bus to Bristol and Beebe waiting for me and then going to class with her as teacher. After the class she would take me to lunch and this was the high point of my week. When the lessons were done, she put the dress that I had made in the window of the sewing center with my name and age on it and I was so proud. She also taught me how to do ceramics when she had her ceramics shop in Burlington. She was a multitalented woman with a heart as big as Texas. I will never forget her.

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