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To Change the World...

                      Can one person change the world?
                      Can one simple idea?
                      There are those on this world
                      who bring about such change,
                      who live simplicity in joy:
                      quiet, steady as the stars
                      in the night sky  points of light
                      shining bright, not unto themselves;
                      There are those whose heart
                      is vast and open as the ocean;
                      of gentle word and soft mien,
                      a haven for those who hurt.
                      There are those whose soul
                      is like a mountain ringed with clouds:
                      whose thoughts are noble and wise;
                      who have the spirit of an eagle;
                      who remain graceful and free
                      in the face of adversity
                      You will not find them in the temples
                      nor in the high places of power;
                      their faces do not grace the TV screen,
                      or fill pages in magazines.

                      Lucky are you to recognize one,
                      wise are you to emulate one.
                      And how do you find such a one?

                      Just look deep within.

                     (c) Sharran



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