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Books Written by Carole Bugge'

The Star of India
When a famous sapphire is stolen right from under the nose of Scotland Yard, Holmes and Watson are drawn into the world of international intrigue. A mysterious woman is involved, and murder inevitably follows. Holmes finds the people closest to him are suddenly in danger, and suspects the notorious Professor Moriarty is behind the entire scheme. As the plot deepens, involving international politics, Holmes and Watson must unravel the mystery of the missing sapphire before it is too late.

The Haunting of Torre Abbey
Holmes receives a request for aid from Lord Charles Cary, whose family is seemingly being threatened by ghosts at the family manor, Torre Abbey, a 12th-century monastery in Devon with a long history of hauntings. Shortly after he and Watson arrive at the abbey, a household member dies suddenly - apparently of fright. The strange sightings and threatening apparitions continue, and Holmes must uncover the secrets of the abbey and its inhabitants, as he is forced to grapple with his most deadly and unforgiving foe.

Who Killed Blanche Dubois?
New York mystery editor Claire Rawlings spends her days scrutinizing the motives and methods of fictitious criminals - but her precocious 13-year-old friend Meredith Lawrence has a keen eye for the cold, hard facts of crime. When Claire's star author, the ferociously flirtatious Blanche Dubois, is found dead after eating a poisoned apple, there's no shortage of suspects. As Claire and Meredith follow the trail of Blanche's murder, they discover that even in the Big Apple, the world of murder is very small indeed.

Who Killed Dorian Gray?
Still reeling from the shocking demise of an ill-fated romance, Claire jumps at the chance to teach a writing seminar at an artist colony in Woodstock. But instead of happy-go-lucky hippies, the writers in residence are argumentative overachievers. Things only get worse when she finds the colony's residence beauty - an exotic journalist with the pen name Dorian Gray - dead in the bathtub. Luckily, Meredith Lawrence arrives and is eager to start investigating - but soon Claire senses that her snooping sidekick's inquiries have put them both in serious danger.

Who Killed Mona Lisa?
On the advice of her editor-in-chief, Claire visits a cozy New England inn to spend Thanksgiving weekend with her new boyfriend, New York Police Detective Wally Jackson - and young Meredith tags along - uninvited, of course. But work delays Wally, and a sudden snowstorm forces Claire and Meredith to entertain themselves inside. A little snooping turns up a pile of letters addressed to the Secret Drawer Society - a tradition at the Wayside Inn - anonymous guests scribbling down their deepest secrets for other guests to read. But when bodies start turning up, the dead letters become live clues to the inn's dark past - and even darker present.

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