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i will be dead
and make the quick 
journey to dust
before your film ever
gets developed

take a good look
at the ghost i am
before or after
the last breath
mattered not to me
as much as something
to fill the emptiness
in the center of me

sing your praise
where's your God now
banter your philosophies
about what is truth
i can not hear you
over the silent scream
that my lack of strength
could not release

what of my suffering
in your lavish lives
can you eat and shit
so carefree
unless you look away
from the reminder
that all is not perfect
in this world

what good are your
and your shining cities
and your shit heaps 
of things
that you fill your
voids with
if you could not save me
you didn't even try

as long as i am
half a world away
you can sleep tonight
like the passing thought
that i have become

2003 D.C. Vision

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