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Last Round's On Me...

Artwork by Van Gogh
Midi is Jeremy Bender

         A wet woollen waistcoat, that is stained with beer,
         Whisky and some Guinness, a few buttonholes spare,
         The brethren of the bottle, voices high and loud,
         Knocking back another drop, faces red and proud,

         The racing of the music, the dancing on the floor,
         The happy smiling faces, that warms me to the core,
         The air thick and smoky, the walls covered with tools,
         People sit bored at home, and they call us the fools,

         The band breaks for a while, to knock back a pint or two,
         When they start again my dear, I'll have a dance with you,
         For you are a lively dancer, a lass sprightly as I've seen,
         You prance across the floor, like an old time dancing queen,

         My dear will you take my hand, and say that you'll be mine,
         I know you feel the same as I, on feasts of love we'll dine,
         White wine for the table, to show a love pure and sweet,
         Red wine for the night stand, to feel the passion as we meet,

         Ah but these are images, brought from an empty glass,
         So the time I spend alone, is easier for me to pass,
         The bottle lies now empty, the lights have all come on,
         Soon the bar is deserted, only a swinging door 
         to say I've gone.

         by Cameron.J.Brunton

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