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"From Inside a Blue Apartment

though it is afternoon, and gold light falls
on woven rugs and parlour palms in chinese urns
somewher, inside this room are shadowed walls
where eastern sheen paints stripes of fear on gray
and solitude is something to be learned
alive, within this blue apartment
where no one sits, but me.

it seems that somewhere in the sunlit world
beyond, footsteps fall slight on chevronned wood
and voices rise in ficus tones, leaves unfurled
in green and yellow laughter through white air,
as if no shadow or gray pall ever could
permeate the papers on their wall
or diminish sun, there.

outside my door the red wild roses run
with thorns and bees, they sprawl and grow untended.
they would be wild without the sun,
but their bees and their redness indeed depend
on its rising, setting, and the flow
of one into the other. could the light
rise me, run me wild, red the night?

(c)Cynthia D'Adamo

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The lovely picture was done by Tom Sierrak, and permission granted to Moon and Back Graphics to publish it on their page. You can also go directly to his site, by clicking on the painting.