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Back Porch Chimes

Graphics by Moon and Back


Once Upon A was a simple rhyme;
As oft winds blew the 'Back Porch Chimes,'
Children grew with innocent grace,
Unlike now we knew our place,
Little things gave such a pleasure,
bubbles, and mudd-pies were our treasures.
All we had was slow sweet time,
and hundreds and hundreds of trees to climb.
Grandmas' house-our own paradise,
we'd visit all summer not once or twice.
Her rules were strick and stern,
yet were made with love so that we would learn.
I long to return way back when...
peaceful pleasures gave such a grin.
Snapping beans on the front yard swing,
Holding Grandmas' hand in Church as we'd sing.
The memories of this wonderful place,
always return with such elegant grace.
The mudd-pies the bubbles, the trees' we climbed....
And I can still hear the wind against the
Back Porch Chimes....

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