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"I'll Never Speak a Word of This Aloud"

I miss you on evenings when the 
heat of day has faded from the 
air, and the sweet scent of 
honeysuckle reminds me of how 
it might have been. 

I miss you when fishermen 
set out to sea for their 
morning catch, with gulls
cawing above them as heaving 
swells toss their boats like
a child's toy floating in 
endless space.

I miss the comfort of knowing
you are near to cheer me 
now and then,
when my days are bleak and
without much hope.

I trace contours of your 
face in photographs that
bring you close and wonder
if you knew how much your
presence in my life meant
to me.

Although it was nothing but
the childish dream of someone 
who would never speak a word 
of this aloud, I'm sure you 
know how much I miss you.

copyright July 2000
Judith Anne Labriola 

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