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There are moments that defy human shackles,
leaving us in their passing to remember until
per chance we should live to see them again.
Having known their glory seems less reward
than a teasing taste of too much Heaven on Earth.
Perhaps this moment is like a blood, red sunset
meant to leave me with a yearning never fulfilled.
Perhaps there is love too perfect to be painted
and happiness beyond any words to speak.
And if I walked through this unlocked door
would my shadow stay here on the outside
or would it hide in the dark place in my heart
waiting to leak out all over the floor
when the sun of our days falls to evening?

Better that I walk away and take my shadow
that it may follow me in search of this moment
while it fills the dark place in my heart until
per chance I should live to see you again.

Tony Spivey
Copyright 2002

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