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Rossetti's Lover....

A creation captured in upper light
inspired each stroke as you yearned
toward moments entwined with lust
like the ivy, which strays over
the wall with memory.

In silence, a linear purity
outlines voluptuous lips
warm as wine, waiting for
his mouth to return like
a faithful echo.

Untamed tresses fall to 
caress your bare shoulders;
immortal on canvas, a vision
of blatant sensuality.
Unfettered, and free of corsets
a girdle of roses and pomegranates
release your Victorian standards
to entice he world of desire.

Glazed in green, your gown glows
with a silver sheen.
A goddess, the mystery betwixt 
sun and moon/
your heaven held his heart
as he kneels at the foot of
your feminine throne.

Transcending your love
to languish forever in burnt 
sienna, and orange vermillion,
deep in yellow madder and cologne
earth, you ignite the passion 
of mortal man.

Copyright Susan Fridkin0

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